Statement on Russia's War against Ukraine by the LE

The Literary Encyclopedia joins democrats and critical intellectuals around the world in condemning Russia's assault on the Ukrainian people which aims at destroying their homes, cities, freedoms, rights and institutions. We record our admiration for those Russians who risk their own lives in promoting free speech and democracy in Russia, but we observe that too many are complicit with the Putin regime, as are many politicians, lawyers, bankers and opinion formers in Great Britain, Europe and the United States. It should today be clear to everyone that Russian oligarchs serve only the interests of the Russian oligarchy and that all the people of the world must unite in defending individual rights and liberties within just and equitable societies. The alternative is tyranny. Ukraine is today’s battlefield. We must do all we can to save Ukrainian democracy and right to self-determination and we must never forget the appalling sacrifices of those who are heroically defending it.

Support the Ukrainian people in this difficult time. Donate now Unicef.

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