Kenneth David Jackson

Kenneth David Jackson is professor or Portuguese at Yale University. He specializes in Portuguese and Brazilian literatures, modernist movements in literature and other arts, Portuguese literature and culture in Asia, poetry, music, and ethnography. His publications include: Adverse Genres in Fernando Pessoa (Oxford, 2009), a photograph album, A Hidden Presence: 500 Years of Portuguese Culture in India and Sri Lanka (Macau, CCPD, 1995); a study of Creole folk verse in Asia, Sing Without Shame (Amsterdam & Macau, 1990, also in Portuguese, Macau, 1996); Builders of the Oceans (Lisbon, EXPO, 1998, also in Portuguese and Spanish); three CDs in the series The Journey of Sounds produced by EXPO 1998/ National Commission for the Commemoration of the Portuguese Discoveries (Lisbon, 1998); two volumes on the Brazilian and Portuguese avant-garde movments, A Vanguarda Literária no Brasil (Frankfurt, Vervuert, 1998) and As Primeiras Vanguardas em Portugal (Madrid, Iberoamericana, 2003); and De Chaul a Batticaloa: As Marcas do Império Marítimo Português na Índia e no Sri Lanka (Ericeira, Mar de Letras, 2005). His CD-ROM Luís de Camões and the First Edition of The Lusiads, 1572 was produced by Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies journal of the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth in 2003. He is co-translator of two Brazilian novels, Industrial Park (1993) by Patrícia Galvão and Seraphim Grosse Pointe (1979) by Oswald de Andrade and editor of the Oxford Anthology of the Brazilian Short Story (2006). He has done field research in Sri Lanka and India, been a Fulbright lecturer and researcher in Brazil and a cellist in several professional orchestras and a string quartet.

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