William David Ashcroft

Bill Ashcroft is a founding exponent of post-colonial theory, co-author of The Empire Writes Back the first text to examine systematically a field that is now universally referred to as “post-colonial studies”. This volume is the standard text in the field, now in its tenth printing and translated into Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Representative publications include:

The Empire Writes Back (London: Routledge 1989; 2nd ed. 2002);
The Post-colonial Studies Reader (London: Routledge 1995; 2nd ed. 2005)
The Gimbals of Unease: the Poetry of Francis Webb (Perth: CASAL 1997)
Key Concepts in Post-colonial Studies (London: Routledge 1998; 2nd ed. 2007)
Edward Said (London: Routledge 2001; 2nd ed. 2008)
Post-colonial Transformation (London: Routledge 2001)
On Post-colonial Futures (London: Continuum 2001)
Caliban’s Voice (London: Routledge 2008)

He is presently Chair Professor in the School of English at the University of Hong Kong, after eighteen years at the University of NSW, Sydney.

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